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A complete solution for student athletes to succeed.

Whether you're looking to open lines of communication or create accountability with your student athletes' attendance, Spotter can help with it all.

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“Providing real time information to both coaches and advisors simultaneously allows for cooperation in helping a student succeed.”

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Know Now

Utilizing iBeacon technology allows us to pinpoint students within a classroom until they leave, providing continuous, reliable and non-invasive attendance.

Continuous Attendance

Maximize your time, reduce human error and decrease your costs, all while increasing student engagement

Accountability in the classroom


Impact a student's future behavior by creating an environment that encourages real-time transparency between students and faculty while also maintaining students’ privacy outside of the classroom.

Beacon Coverage

Private. Accurate. Automated.

Our app monitors for the iBeacons in classrooms, allowing us to record continuous, reliable and non-invasive attendance during a students class or event.


Travel + Class Coordination

Athletes on average miss 20% of their classes due to travel. Ensure they get the most from classes they are able to attend.



Help athletes manage their hectic days by providing their entire daily schedule directly on their mobile device via the Spotter App.

Key to success

A Solution
Not a Situation

Reduce potential suspensions and bad publicity while increasing potential for positive publicity for your team.

Helpful Features

  • Integrations


    Full integration with existing platforms to get the data to and from where you need it.

  • Overrides


    One click overrides and cancellations to ensure students have up to date attendance.

  • Reports


    Customizable automated reports sent straight to student's designated support personnel.

  • Triggers


    Create scenarios that trigger a defined action to create automations that fit your needs.

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We pride ourselves in having a flexible product; have something you’d like to use it for? Let us know.

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