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Syracuse started using the platform in 2016 for their student athletes, and professors on campus quickly became interested, especially those with large lecture style courses. The draw was to reduce the total amount of time attendance took as well as reduce fraudulent attendance.

SpotterEDU has provided immense benefit to my class. In a class of 300 students, it was simply not possible to track attendance. With Spotter, not only can I track attendance, but I can reach out to students who are missing class. Since using Spotter, attendance has gone way up in class, and students who were at risk, by not attending class, are able to turn their semester around.”

Jeffrey Rubin / Professor & Founder of Sidearm Sports

Jeff Rubin taught a large lecture of over 300 students and was able to run a report a few weeks in and identify the students missing the most class. After personally reaching out to those students, 90% of them never missed another class. He attributes Spotter and its early alerting to this success.

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