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An inclusive solution for helping your entire student body succeed.

Students succeed when their professors, advisors, and school leaders are equipped to help them. Spotter provides a solution that streamlines administrative roles and responsibilities, allowing educators to focus on students’ success and wellbeing.

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“Higher attendance leads to higher graduation rate. It's as simple as that.”

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Know Now

Eliminate relying on other people to give you information on their schedule. Spotter provides relevant actionable information as soon as it happens.

Integrate attendance information into your existing processes to identify areas that need a little extra attention.

Know Who

From the first minute of the first class to the last minute of the last class, real-time information lets you focus early on the students who might have the most issues.

Our APA (Attendance Point Average) easily lets you compare students and filter large amounts of attendance data to identify weak spots.

Foster Success

Foster Success

Our platform equips student support personnel with relevant information in order to build a success network around students, ensuring they have the greatest opportunity to succeed.


  • Integrations


    Full integration with existing platforms to get the data to and from where you need it.

  • Overrides


    One click overrides and cancellations to ensure students have up to date attendance.

  • Reports


    Customizable automated reports sent straight to student's designated support personnel.

  • Triggers


    Create scenarios that trigger a defined action to create automations that fit your needs.

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We pride ourselves in having a flexible product; have something you’d like to use it for? Let us know.

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